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Dr. Ganapathy Bala MD

Board Certified In Allergy and Immunology

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Allergy tests are performed on the back for older children and adults, and on the back or forearm for infants and younger children. Your skin will be examined closely before testing. Next, we will put numbers on your skin to represent a variety of allergens. You will then get a small prick by each number to apply a small drop of each allergen on the outer surface of the skin.


Call us with any questions or concerns about allergy testing and results!

If the Epicutaneous test does not show results, you may need a new test called the Intradermal test. After examining the skin, a small amount of allergen is injected into the second layer of your skin (dermis).

Intradermal testing

Patch testing is done by applying patches that contain allergens, which often cause dermatitis. The patch is normally worn for 2 days and cannot get wet. After the patch is removed, the skin is examined for rash and itchiness. It may take a few more days to get full results.

Patch tests

Results from these tests happen rather quickly so you should have results during your visit. Medications, especially antihistamines, can block the results, and they must be stopped before attempting this test. Please check with our office or your doctor before stopping

any medications.

What about results?

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