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Dr. Ganapathy Bala MD

Board Certified In Allergy and Immunology

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Your first visit will include a complete medical history, thorough physical exam, and an allergy and / or lung function test. By doing this, it will help us establish a proper diagnosis in order to find the right treatment therapy for you. We may also request that you get laboratory (blood tests) and / or radiologic (x-rays or CT scans) tests done, which may enable us to diagnose your problem and help us treat you better.

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After your testing is complete, you’ll meet with our physician to discuss the results. We typically will offer our recommendations for treatment during your first visit. On some occasions, all of your testing may not be completed during the initial visit. You may need additional lab work or radiological tests to better define your problem and help us direct treatment.

What happens next?

For accurate test results from allergy testing, it is very important that you are off antihistamines for 3 days prior to your testing. Please call us for details or if you do not think you can hold antihistamine therapy for that time frame.

Are you taking antihistamines?

Your initial visit can last up to 2 hours. It is a good idea to bring some reading material to occupy some of the time you spend with us.

How long will it last?


FAQ - What you can expect

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