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Board Certified In Allergy and Immunology

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You can ditch the tissues and the antihistamines and start enjoying the sunshine from Spring again. You don’t need to let seasonal allergies get you down. Call and make an appointment with Dr. Ganapathy Bala MD, today to receive personalized treatment for your seasonal allergies.

Mother and son

When you come in, we’ll discuss your allergy symptoms and decide if immunotherapy is good for you. By desensitizing your body to allergens, your allergy symptoms can be drastically reduced. Make sure you don't take antihistamines for 3 days prior to allergy testing to achieve accurate results. If this time frame is a problem, we can reschedule.

What you can expect on your visit

• Hay fever

• Eczema and rashes

• Sinus problems

• Indoor and outdoor allergies

• And more

Get relief from common symptoms

Dr. Ganapathy Bala MD is accepting new patients of all ages. Give us a call today to discuss your allergy concerns and to schedule for allergy testing. Our goal is to help you feel better during allergy season and beyond. Call us today!

Let's take care of those pesky allergies


Do you want to enjoy Spring again?

Are you looking for allergy and asthma treatment for your kid? Get kid friendly treatment at the Allergy and Asthma Center.